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Date de publication : 21/03/2019

Alpaga, a creative agency specialized in advertising, branding, digital and activation is looking for an Alpagamazing account manager to develop its activities.

Key responsibilities

  • You are the link between the agency, the clients and suppliers
  • You are responsible of the sales
  • You help to define strategies and needs for our clients
  • You help the agency to gain new businesses
  • You must have a proactive mind and anticipate every client needs
  • You write briefings and supervise campaign production
  • You establish budgets
  • You are the client’s main point of contact
  • You are persuasive
  • You build strong relationships and foster good team spirit with both clients and members of the agency to bring great ideas and creative work to life

 Skills and requirements

  • Bachelor or master's degree in marketing or communication
  • Min 5 yrs. experiences in a similar job in creative agency or design agency (really important, we don't have time to train people during months)
  • Strong knowledge in offline and online media
  • Knowledge on sales pipeline
  • You're creative, organized, responsive, proactive
  • You are not afraid to meet people and like to help them in their business development by finding solutions or advices.
  • You speak english or nederlands and français
  • You’re passionate by marketing, communication, technologies, innovations, digital media
  • You like challenges, responsibilities, hard(smart) working
  • You master a range of presentation techniques to inspire the client and sell creative work

We propose

  • As a young agency, we offer a huge challenge : join a small team composed with creative young people
  • To work on creative, innovative projects
  • To work with a very small team (big focus, no one will serve your coffee or clean the meeting room after your meeting, except the cleaning personnel twice a month)
  • To take part in the development of the agency (with your inputs, insights, ideas)

We offer

  • Laptop, smartphone and salary (yeahh it's not a joke, you get paid!)
  • A car (a beautiful VW Golf eco-friendly)
  • Other to negotiate


Alpaga is an independent agency based in Bergen/Mons working for many clients from startup to international brand and partners (altavia-Act*, Good Morning, Absolute agency, Oil In Water, Groupm...), we worked on projects for Proximus, Greenpeace, Universal Picture, Ray-Ban, Altissia, RTL, AB3, Cointreau, Turbel, Lotus Bakeries, IDEA...

Our main clients are visitMons, Materia Nova, Biorius, Grand Casino Brussels Viage, Europost, Proxyclick, ******** (under NDA, but it's a big one), Hellion Cat Studio and some new clients you don't know yet (we count on you to develop them!).

We believe in creativity, good stories and meaningful brands, this is why Alpaga put his focus on blending branding, advertising, digital & activation. Helping startup to become brands and brands to stay brands(or bigger one).


You want to join our barn, drop us your resume and cover letter to

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