Spécialiste RH en gestion des conflits - Armée US en Belgique (Chievres)

Date de publication : 07/11/2019

Job Announcement Information Details 
Job Number : BEL-HN-19-077079R

Position Title : Human Resources Specialist 

Organization : Benelux CPAC 

Duty Station Chievres, Belgium  

Army in Belgium is an American government agency whose mission is to provide logistical and administrative support to the US personnel at NATO and SHAPE in Belgium.

- Permanent, full time (38 hours/week) - Regular work schedule (Monday through Friday). - Salary:  3.188,39 EUR gross/month at grade BA-07 ; 3.828,68 EUR gross/month at grade BA-09 ; 4.596,37 EUR gross/month at grade BA-11
3. This position is an ACTEDS (Army, Training, Education and Development System) Trainee position. Selection will be made at the entry level BA-07.  Typical career progression: 12 months at BA-07, 12 months at BA-09, then promotion to full-performance BA-11. Subject to management’s approval. The training program should be completed in 2 years. At that time, and upon satisfactory completion of training, the incumbent will be promoted to the BA-11 and placed non-competitively into a vacant HR Specialist (MER Programs) position, BA11 with promotion potential to the BA-12. The purpose of this type of program is to allow the employee to gain expert knowledge though academic training and on-the-job training. 

- Meal vouchers (value of 6 EUR per worked day)

- Vacation and end of year bonus

- Hospitalization insurance (DKV)

- Supplemental Retirement Plan (Allianz)

- Minimum of 26 annual leave days per year - Multicultural work environment

- English bonus if eligible. Applicants must pass the required English test prior to appointment (passing score is 60%, English bonus paid if the selectee scores at least 70%) 

 European Union (EU) Nationals and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Nationals residing in Europe, who do not need a Belgian work permit.  

As a Human Resources Specialist, at the BA-07 grade, you will learn how to gather facts, write disciplinary actions based on existing samples, translate disciplinary actions, provide administrative support, generate reports and assist the senior Management-Employee Relation (MER) Specialist in his/her duties.
Once promoted at the BA-09 level, you will also provide advice to managers regarding disciplinary actions, collect facts and write actions independently, learn the Host Nation Staffing program to understand the interactions with the MER program. 
At the full-performance level, BA-11, you will serve as a Senior Human Resources Management Specialist in a Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) and provide advice and assistance in the areas of discipline, adverse actions, grievances, performance management and recognition, employee counseling, and related functions. You will provide advisory services involving a wide variety of positions and personnel actions that are often sensitive, highly controversial and/or visible and extremely difficult in nature. After reviewing all the facts, you will advise managers on appropriate action and prepare the necessary paperwork. You will provide advice and assistance on grievance procedures and options for resolution of conflicts or problems. 
Qualification Requirements  At grade BA-07: 
 Applicants must possess a Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in a related field or demonstrate at least one year of experience in the same line of work.  The education must be in one of the following fields: Human Resources (Bachelier en Gestion des Resources Humaines), Social Sciences (Bachelier en Sciences Humaines et Sociales), Psychology (Bachelier en Sciences Psychologiques et de l’Education), Translation or Modern Languages (Bachelier en langues et lettres modernes). 
 The experience must demonstrate that the applicant possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position, as described in the last section of this announcement. To be creditable, experience must have been equivalent to at least the next lower grade level (BA-06). 
 Foreign education must be evaluated for Belgian equivalency.  
 More information can be found at: www.enseignement.be.

Selective Placement Factor 
 - English: Master command of the language both oral and written required 

- French: Master command of the language both oral and written required

- Dutch: Good command of the language both oral and written required 
 • DRIVING LICENSE: B. The selectee must be able to obtain and maintain a government’s driver’s license. 
 • This position requires overnight travel for training purposes of up to 50% of the time. 
 Conditions of  Employment
 • Submit the following documents to the BENELUX Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, Chaussee de Mons, Base Aerienne de Chievres, Building 120, 7940 Brugelette, Belgium, or by email: usarmy.benelux.hqda-cpac.mbx.beneluxcpac@mail.mil:

• Application for Employment, AERSH Form 690-300-E (application may be downloaded from https://wu.acpol.army.mil/eur/employment/ln/index.asp). The form must be completed in English.

• Copy of diplomas.

• Copy of driver’s license
POINT OF CONTACT is Ms Nathalie Paci, Human Resources Specialist, telephone: 068/255714 
2. REFERRAL AND SELECTION PROCEDURE: The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) will review each application and will refer candidates to the management official who will make the final selection. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for position without regard to political, religious, or labor organization affiliation or non-affiliation, marital status, race, color, sex, national origin, non-disqualifying physical disability, or age. 

All qualified candidates will be referred in accordance with guidelines governing referral priorities:

Priorities are: Priority 1: European countries nationals who do not need a work permit. Priority 2: Other NATO Nationals other than US citizens who do not need a work permit. No lower priority applicants will be referred if priority 1 are available. 
The selectee will: 
 • Provide an extract of criminal record: “Modele 1”. This document may be requested to the local resident registration office.
• Be subject to a Foreign National Screening administrated by the SHAPE Belgian Police.

• Pass an English test. 
 Knowledges, Skills,  & Abilities (KSAs)
 At grade BA-07:
 - Ability to use computer systems to create memorandums and briefs.

- Skill in gathering information and generating reports. 

- Master Knowledge of English and French, good knowledge of Dutch both oral and written.

- Ability to translate documents in English, French and Dutch.  

Partenaires :
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